Is 14 too young to be called a "Douchebag"?

I know he's a kid but he's still a Douchebag. If he was a Nazi Youth would what he said at the CPAC convention still be considered "cute". I think not. I am sorry that this young future winner of the cocksucker of the moment award (when he turns 18 of course) chose to be brainwashed and indoctrinated with the sensiblities of conservatism but so what. He sucks and so does his philosophy. I might buy his book - just so that I can hit him over the head with it when I see him at the book signing. And yes I am comparing Nazism with modern - day conservatism.


Marvel Girl said...

this is hard to watch. first I thought they said he was like 7 or 8. he has the tv politician mannerisms down pat. look at his facial expressions and how he laughs. it is like he is mimicking. you need to watch a kid like this. imagine if he was exposed to something progressive and good. He is going to grow up to a BIG house of white privilege, or inventor of the Sentinels for non-conservatives. dangerous to pat him and say cute.

Butterrfly said...

Evidence that Douchebags are born they are not created.. I'm sure he gets beat up regularly. Clown.