are the A.I.G. people crazy?

I think the A.I.G. people have lost their minds. Do they want us to kill each and every one of them? Why would they give their people bonuses with taxpayer money? This is the kind of shit that make anarchy look fair. Obama has got to get a hold of this shit FAST! I swear these executives must have taken life insurance out on themselves. Because if they keep up this bullshit, their claims will come soon.


Butterrfly said...

I need to see, and as a taxpayer I believe I have the right to see, these alleged bonus pay out contracts. Surely, those bonuses MUST be based on performance and company profitability... if so, sounds like the employees of AIG should OWE money rather than be rewarded for taking the company to the brink of bankruptcy.

OG said...

Blame congress for not adding significant "strings attached" to the bail out money.

The days of expecting "responsible behavior" from Corporate is gone.

Thats like giving a crack head a quater to get something to eat.

He aint gonna buy no food. You cant expect these companies to do right. If the government was giving me money (with no strings attached) - guess what - I"M ACTING A FOOL!!!

Marvel Girl said...

I like the crack head comparison. so true.
he has to be careful though- this can be flipped as monster big government coming after your money. true, we own most of AIG now, but how does one show toughness but also not play into Republicans waiting for more ammo to portray everything like big government? or scare the shit out of all companies to not do business here? everyone learn Chinese.

TalentUnltd said...