The Cai(oo)n VS Malcolm

"I don't believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way... [Black people] weren't held back because of racism"- Herman Cai(oo)n



"My roots go back through slavery in this country. Yes, they came from Africa. But the roots of my heritage are in the United States of America. So I consider myself a black American”- Herman Cai(oo)n



I think you see where I'm going with this one...


Calm Down Folks!

OK dammit, calm down! Lil Wayne is in fact expected to sell somewhere between 700k-850k copies of his latest release, The Carter IV. At that pace, he's sure to outsell Ye and Jay's Watch The Throne. So let's briefly put this in perspective before the nation's jegging-wearing, young Weezy-ites crown him king.

Exhibit A: How may records did MC Hammer sell when he was at his hottest? A shit load. How many records did Ice Cube (solo) sell at his hottest? not nearly as big of a shit load as MC Hammer. Who's better?

Exhibit B (I'm gonna use pictures for this one, in case any Weezy-ites are reading this and I'm moving too fast for you/there's too many words on the screen for your brain to digest at once):


We all know McDonald's will never be as good as Le Bernardin, but the reality is more people eat at McD's. Why? Because it's cheap, it's fast, and it's always accessible. It's the culinary equivalent of a whore. OK, yeah yeah yeah, i hear you Weezy-ites- "But Jay and Kanye are always talkin' about NUMBERS- "men lie, women lie, numbers dont"- remember that?!!". Sure do- and I'm sure as Jay polishes his gold baby dinosaur egg-encrusted Hublot, he recalls saying something to that effect as well. And IF Wayne does win this sales race, it won't be the first loss Jay has taken (see 'Ether'), although the other one was at the hands of a much more worthy opponent. Side note- let's see if Wayne can go Gold in a week at 42 years old.

Don't get me wrong- I'm not a Jigga Warrior, and i actually like Weezy. But, much like the hour after you consume a big mac, if you digest The Carter IV you will feel sluggish and empty afterwards. Meanwhile I'm still digesting the wordplay on Jay's verse on Welcome to the Jungle, where he reincarnates himself as MJ, Pimp C, B.I.G, and Weezy even ("My tears is tatted / My rag in my pocket"). Watch the Throne is made with free range, cage-free Whole Foods ingredients; intended for consumption by the well-informed. Carter IV is... well, it's junk food. And while i prefer home cooked meals, every now and then, even i like to eat McDonald's fries. The choice is yours.

Food for thought, you do the dishes...



Finally Weezy has grown some balls and came back at Jigga Man for his line about Baby. For what it is worth I don't think it is any argument about who is the better rapper. But Weezy is reckless and Jay is a married man over 40 and more inclined to lay back so you never know what is going to happen. Usually in these circumstances Jay does not respond to dis tracks but this time he probably most certainly will. Wayne basically calls Beyonce a bitch and threatens to kidnap her in his lyrics. I don't know how real the beef is - Wayne's album is coming out at the end of the month .

I Can't Fight This Anymore... I Like DRAKE

I know he is from Toronto, a former child actor, part Jewish. I know all these things but at the end of the day I have to admit that he is making good music and the throne is his for the taking. Deal With it. I have.

New Lesson: You Can Get Away With Rape If You Are Rich, Powerful And French...

You know what's so funny about rape charges against Dominique Strauss Kahn DSK being dropped? I didn't hear from New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. I didn't see any grandstanding from His Highness about someone being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Where was Mike B. when it came time to make his presence felt? Where was the guy that cared so much about the safety of the people? So much about correcting lawlessness? Oh I know where he was; nowhere to be fucking found. Since the victim was an illegal immigrant African maid and the alleged accuser was a rich, powerful French banker that has money and is married into an even more powerful, rich, French and Jewish family Mike B. could give a fuck less. Which was not the case in the victimless crime with Plaxico Burress. Remember that? When he held a press conference and said that basically Plax should go to jail and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Where was that Mayor? Where was that mayor that didn't care about fairness and the letter of the law? Cyrus Vance is a coward and so are the rest of the New York Elite that ran the other way when this woman, Ms. Diallo - yet another Diallo fucked over by New York law enforcement - needed a friend, a champion a guardian. Listening to her attorney, Kenneth Thompson speak on her behalf on NY1 I had a new found understanding of the case. His moves and motives. According to Thompson the writing was on the wall. The powers that be - read Vance, Bloomberg and the rest of the mostly 2520 prosecutors in Manhattan - were more than ready to dismiss this case from the start. Thankfully, the civil suit is being filed in The Bronx. If Ms. Diallo lied about being raped then let a jury of her peers to decide not The New York Post, Benjamin Brafman (Plax's attorney) or any other coward that claims to represent "the people".


Really Rush - What are you trying to say? Obama's a fag?

Rush Limbaugh is like most 2520s of the world. Jealous and envious of any person of color that can do something better than them. Now, Rush Limbaugh is questioning Barack Obama's romantic history. Where are all his girlfriends? he is asking. But that's not what he's really trying to say. He's trying to say that Barack Obama, The President Of The United States is really a closeted Gay Man. Which is really interesting since most liberals and gossip politicos have been whispering the same about The Man With The Golden Microphone for years. Rush is the one that has been married multiple times and has no kids to show for all these unions. Let us not forget the fact that he had Elton John sing at his wedding. I know men are normally not in charge of such things as wedding planning and booking the guests but most men I know would have put their foot down at the mere mention of The Rocketman being the featured guest at their wedding. Listen to this fat "ex" drug addict insinuate that President Obama is on the DL.

What is your plan already?

Obama aides say that President Obama will be releasing a jobs plan this September. Really? At this point I don't think that he really wants to win a second term. This shit is too much for him or any one man.

Really America? Thanks Texas!


Nigga Please!

So Steve Harvey (pictured above, covered in Tang) thinks Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are "Uncle Toms":

Steve... Whether or not you agree with their motives, Cornel and Tavis make very valid points. Although ONLY IN PART, President Obama's toothless threats and unfulfilled promises are to blame for the current state of the poor and less privileged in this country (particularly the Black and Hispanic community). We all know he's cleaning up the mess Bush left behind (tax cuts for the rich/wealthy/global corporations/banks, bankrupting Social Security and borrowing from potential enemies to pay for stupid ass wars, relaxing restrictions on Wall Street that ultimately led to the financial meltdown... you get the picture here people.), but still- he's kinda lost sight of the ball.

Steve Harvey is not wrong for voicing his opinion either. BUT he IS wrong for calling those two respectable men "Uncle Toms". That's kinda like Soulja Boy telling Jay Electronica he needs to step up his bars. Oh REALLY Soulja Boy?! (See that? That's me looking at Soulja Boy over the top of my glasses.)

Another thing that fuckin' bothers me is Black folks who believe our President is exempt from criticism, especially constructive, well-intended criticism. I, as much as any other sane Black person, am grateful for what our President has done for the collective Black American psyche. But i do think he's simply not being tough enough. But shit, you try fighting dozens of 2520's (congress, senate) everyday at your job and see how far YOU get. Imagine dozens of that one 2520 bitch who, in your head, is trying to sabotage your career.

Anyway, fuck you Steve Harvey... and your pimp suits. Stick to mentoring young boys and soft-shoeing for bucks. Insulting the Black Intelligentsia in such a way only makes YOU look like the Uncle Tom in the end. Let those men provide a voice for the voiceless while you vacation in Ibiza. And never do a photoshoot with your shirt off again. Ever.



OH REALLY Congressman Doug Lamborn???.... REALLY?

I can't say that I'm surprised by this:

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) has come under fire lately for his remarks that attempting to find common ground with President Obama on the budget was “like touching a tar baby.”

“Even if some people say, ‘Well, the Republicans should have done this or should have done that,’ they will hold the president responsible,” said Lamborn. “Now, I don’t even want to be associated with him. It's like touching a, a tar baby and you get it . . . you know you’re stuck, and you’re part of the problem now, and you can’t get away.”

There are SO many things I could say about this bullshit... But I'll just let Chris Rock say it all:



My buddy DJ Ceace goes in with his latest mixtape, "Crown Kings Summer Mixtape 2011". Listen to it. Click Here...Enjoy

Yelling Girl Speaks...

Here we go again! When the media decide that they want to shove a white bitch down your throat, you are gonna have that woman for dinner, lunch and dessert..

Here is my gripe…WHITE BITCHES AINT THE ONLY BITCHES TO GET KILLED OR KIDNAPPED…every year minority women go missing…not only do you not hear about them - you’ll be lucky if you even get a blurb about it in the community paper (Oh, that’s right, nigga’s don’t have community papers)!
I’ve personally been searching for white bitches since 1997 and I’m tired, it should be a mandatory law that all white chicks have a chaperone everytime they leave the house. Actually, scratch that because if white women ain’t getting killed in the Bahamas their husbands take a few unpaid sick days and decide to kill them when their direct desposit comes in and they realize they don’t have enough money for Glad Bags and a wife. Here is where the resentment comes in, no person (race or creed) is more important than another but time and time again we see that nothing has changed. Trust me everytime we’ve ever gone to war in this country it has been to protect the interest of white women and children!

Seriously, I’m not well versed with the Casey Anthony case because every week a white women is killing her kid and blaming it on 18 different niggas that were at the Wal-Mart the time of the disappearance. I was, however shocked at how many people thought this woman was guilty, and she still got off Scott Free. Now, I have never been a fan of O.J. I think he is the biggest Uncle Tom since Uncle Ben, however when he “got off” with murder we had to go on suicide watch for at least 76 white kids at my school because their lives would never be the same. However, this innocent young girl is killed by someone (either the mother or someone she knows) and Casey is able to walk free? I don’t get it?! Where is the outrage?! Where is the civil trial?! And Gloria Alred and her dyke - friendly suit?!

Pippa…they are turing this bitch into the Jennifer Aniston of the ‘10’s! Who in the hell gives two rats ass about this girl?! Who? Not Prince William or he would have married this bitch instead of the other! Why is there all this damn hoopla about this girl?! “Who is that girl in the white dress?” … “She is so amazing” … “She is so stylish”…”She is the new it , girl” … Add an “SH” to that! The bitch ain’t shit to me! I mean that straight up and down! I think she is as plain as a vanilla ice cream on a regular cone. Stand that bitch next to Beyonce and see how dim that candle gets! Better yet, stand her next to the baddest white bitch out there (which according to niggas is CoCo) and see what she looks like! I’m so sick of this girl, I want TLC and the rest of the media to stop shoving her down my throat! I’d rather watch 56 hours of Tampax commercials back to back with a few yeast infection creams Ads sprinkled in than watch another second of this twat!

Let me say this in closing, yes, I have a bunch of white girlfriends! We’ll talk about that in another installment of my rants…but like the rest of the world I’m tried of reading about them. I lived through Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston, Miley Cyrus and the rest of these skippty bippites being shoved down my throat…I can’t take another! No more!!!!


HipHop On TV This Week

Paid In Full - 2002
Aired on BET at 9 PM Monday.

I honestly don't remember if I saw Paid In Full in the movie theater or what, but either way, in 2011 on cable, it is still one of THE best hood movies. 

Paid In Full is based on a true story about the rise and fall of 3 young great minds, Ace, Mich and Rico who controlled much of the drug trade in Harlem in the 80's.  Greed, loyalty, family and betrayal are all covered in this classic.
It epitomizes my era of hiphop. The first generation of hiphop if you will.  The generation that witnessed the 80's in a much different way than what was popular on television at the time...MTV, pop music, big padded shoulders, Reaganomics and more.  Paid In Full showed the essence of Harlem in the 80's which became ravaged by crack cocaine.

The real Ace wasn't completely happy with the finished product because he wanted it to be more of a cautionary anti-drug tale with more of a message, and some of the facts were changed. But all in all I feel that Damon Dash and the other producers of this film got it right in so many ways.  From filming it on Harlem Streets, to the projects they lived in , the cars, the clothes, all the way down to Dougie Fresh performing at what looked like my old spot in Harlem, The Rooftop.

Superb acting on all fronts. I was even shocked at how well Camron acted in the movie also.  To this day I still see him as Rico.

So if you haven't seen Paid In Full, you're hood membership should be revoked.  And if you have seen it, I think you'll agree that it's a hiphop classic.


Amy Winehouse - He Can Only Hold Her - Doo Wop (That Thing) - Live HD

The Week With Candy!

The heat-wave has finally broken!
- Levi Aron, little Lieby’s murderer, has learned that his attorney has dropped his case
- Lauryn Hill gave birth to her sixth child (more on that later)
- My 13 year-old car was stolen.
- Amy Winehouse is dead.
Poor little (5’ 3”) Amy is dead and buried. Let the” Elvis-isation” begin. By now we all now she is a member of the infamous “Forever 27” club – celebrities that died tragically at age 27 just when they had “so much more ahead” of them musically, personally, etc. (see, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin), and that her father was a cab driver turned jazz musician who had a gig scheduled in NYC Saturday July 23 the day that she died, and that her mother was a pharmacist. [Needle scratching on record] Wait one – what? A pharmacist?! I’m not going to touch that. #judgenot#

Why are we as a society (me included) so obsessed with celebrity death? Is it that we would like to have something- anything in common with so-called “stars”? That we fell we must hold on to the memories that their music stirs in us? Or is it that we get a thrill out of crowing “I remember when I went to see/hear [insert celebrity name here] at the [insert venue name here] before (aforementioned) celebrity blew up.”

Speaking of which, Lauryn Hill gave birth to a son on Saturday July 23. Oh yeah, Rohan Marley, her five other babies daddy is not the daddy of this baby. So says Lauryn, so says Rohan. Mmmmm okaaaayyy. I’ll just say to Lauryn – 1. Congratulations (children are a blessing) 2. You knew what you were signing up for when you bought the beeswax for him and starting locking Rohan’s dreads. Their “relationshit”, I mean “shituation”, oh fuck it – whatever the fuck it is they had/have together is too much for me to try to analyze right now. #judgenot#

I used to play the hell out of my “Miseducation” CD. What memories that entire CD brings back for me. *sniffle sniffle* getting a little wistful here. I remember when I went to see Lauryn Hill at Constitution Hall in 1998 before she blew up. {See what I mean}

None of us knows what occurs on the “other side” or if there even is one. But, for me for right now I like to think that Amy is soberly driving Lieby to day camp in my green 1998 Dodge Neon while blasting track #5 from Lauryn’s opus “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

AMY – 27
HOMER – 13


You Raised 23 Children? Really?

Michelle Bachmann stated in addition to the 5 children she raised, that she also fostered 23 teenage girls over a number of years. Originally the motivation for this was that she wanted to help unwed teenage mothers, but as it turned out she ended up focusing on young teenage girls in general. Lovely story. Big heart. Etc.

But in this day and age, I have to wonder; why don't we know anything about any of these girls? We live in a gossiped obsessed world, where we know if our commander in chief wears boxers or briefs, or the manscaping habits of Congressmen (I'm looking at you Weiner and Wu), and yet, we know nothing about these 23 girls? Conveniently, since this fostering happened several years ago, Minnesota's child welfare services has shredded all evidence. So really, Bachmann can't prove her story.

That isn't even where I am going with this.

My point is that among siblings, there is always one black sheep. One sister or brother who had issues with the law, money, or addiction. One who decided to live outside of societal norms. One, who is the subject of most of the family gossip. One, whose siblings whisper about past misdeeds. So I look at these 23 young teenage girls - girls who have probably spent most of their lives in the foster care system before they are brought into a Christian Evangelical home. A home in which the parents' faith causes them to attempt and try to pray away the gay and home - school their kids - and none come forward with a story? No one has found one of these women with some tawdry story about their current lives? Really? And to go further - really all 5 biological children are saints? At least with the Bush twins, we knew which one was the drinker.

Something seems off. And it ain't Bachmann's eye contact.

Grant Hill Wins Again!

Somewhere Uncle Tom Grant Hill is laughing. Jalen Rose, after pleading guilty to a drunk driving charge that occurred in March of this year, was sentenced to 20 days in jail.
His lawyer, Keith Davidson did not like the sentence given to his client. He believes that the Judge in the case was grandstanding.

One of his attorneys, Keith Davidson, wasn't so contrite, railing against the sentence handed down by 48th District Court Judge Kimberly Small.

"This was nothing less than an elected judge legislating from the bench," said Keith Davidson. "This is a man who has given millions of dollars to charity, started schools around the world and worked endlessly for the community, yet her average sentence is 17 days, and she sentenced Mr. Rose to 20 days.


I Can't Hate On This Anymore

I usually have a problem with 25/20's rapping. I always wonder if they are making fun of the genre. But this chick, Kreayshawn is killing it. Word is that she has a seven - figure deal. King Russell says he doubts it but the fact that someone even repeated it speaks to how crazy the rap industry is. With that being said though, this song kicks! And I have to admit ( Sorry Black Girls ) I do find her attractive in a sort of "I ran away from home, am addicted to pills and will do anything to score" kind of way. Let me know what you think. What do you think, is Kreayshawn here to stay or is she on a one way ticket to obscurity or even worse, the "27" club?


Google+ : GREAT... Another Social Networking Site...

So Facebook wasn't enough, huh America? FourSquare wasn't wasting enough of your time? Had to find a place to make those last 8 hours of your day disappear, didn't you?

While the rest of the world was mourning the deaths of crack head, blue-eyed soul singers and abhorring the vile acts of Norwegian terrorists, my inbox was being cluttered (#NoSolar) with random invites to join Google+ : the new do-it-all social circle, big-brother, stalker's paradise recently released to the masses by The Google World Order.

Apparently, folks are signing up by the millions to copy and paste the same exact shit they have on their Facebook pages, on to their Google+ profiles. Stupid Americans. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know I'm a social media curmudgeon- I gladly own that title. I have a Facebook page, but i don't use it and I ONLY USE TWITTER FOR WORK (so all you porn star chicks, STOP STALKING ME...)! But, my utter disdain for the fuckery that is Facebook has nothing to do with my further abhorrence of this Google+ thingamajig. Simply put, in my humble opinion, the people inviting me to Google+ are the same people who tried SO hard to get me interested in SecondLife- that bullshit site where a "virtual" you existed in this "virtual second life". Some of these people were my friends, I'll admit. But their collective urge to be known as early adopters made me second-guess their places in my life.

Needless to say, it was virtually annoying to log on to this site, buy "virtually" expensive things, meet important "virtual" others, and live in a "virtually" perfect castle of a home; only to log off and re-assume one's own less-than-perfect real-life. SecondLife did one thing for most- it put a magnifying glass on the shit-hole that was your true existence. "I need to run to the store... no worries I'll just take my SecondLife ferrar... oh wait... i logged off already. Toyota Tercel it is."

Anyone that would try to get me to join THAT waste of life span doesn't deserve an "invite accepted" notice from my outbox (#noeddielong). I'm happy with my texting, cell calling, emailing, tweeting self and I simply don't have time to not do anything with yet another social networking profile. No pictures, no wall updates, no birthday wishes, no liking/un-liking and for damn sure no "friending".

You wanna get in touch with me? See above for the FOUR- COUNT 'EM FOUR- different ways I just listed wherein I can be contacted or socialized with. And here's a news flash- if you can't contact me in any of those 4 ways by now... we probably aren't "friends" anyway. You wanna friend me? Meet me in this real world, randomly or scheduled...ly (?). Let's share an experience that stokes intelligent (or unintelligent) discourse. Shit, call my number by mistake and spark up a great conversation about how much the film 'Life' was a complete rip off of 'Stir Crazy' (you wrong for that Eddie).

Let's just stay HUMAN thru all of this pseudo-socializing- that's all I'm asking. Instead of inviting me to share stupid pictures of me doing the Kid-N-Play at my dad's 60th birthday party (which WAS AWESOME- but still), invite me to a house party or a Tribe concert. Just stop it with the fake socializing... we have enough fake in this world already. Unless SecondLife is your world- in which case I probably wouldn't wanna socialize with you anyway. Invite denied.



I need a Tiger Wife!

L.L. Cool J needed an Around The Way Girl, Apache needed a Gangsta Bitch but I realize what I want: A Tiger Wife. I think I want Wendi Murdoch to be my second wife. That is, of course, if my first marriage doesn't work out. Why wouldn't I? She's smart, rich, Asian (so that means she has to cater to me right?) and if I get into any trouble with some haters I know she has my back.


I dislike both - what do i do?

With the recent fighting between Representatives Allen West and Debbie Wasserman Schultz both from Florida puts me in a conundrum. My Nation Of Islam training tells me to hate 25/20's and Jews but to equally hate sellout monkey Black Uncle Toms as well. I don't know who to root for in this fight. To be fair when Schultz made her crack about West ignoring the needs of his constituency it seemde like an innocuous enough comment. But West went hard body at old girl and hurt the yenta's feelings. He basically bought an Uzi to a knife fight. I was all set to say to take his side based on his color alone ( I admit it ) until he went on racist bomb thrower Mark Levin's radio show and had this to say:

The thing that really most aggravates me is that there is this double standard and that the people on the hard left can continue to attack conservatives and especially minority conservatives and female conservatives. But yet when you stand up and say you will not tolerate this anymore then they claim to be a victim which I find absolutely laughable.

People who are black conservatives – I grew up in the inner city, strong values, came from a strong military family and background – what we do is we totally invalidate the liberal social welfare policies and programs. I’m a threat because I’m the guy who got off of their 21st century plantation and they cannot afford to have such a strong voice as mine out there reverberating and resonating across this country.The thing that really most aggravates me is that there is this double standard and that the people on the hard left can continue to attack conservatives and especially minority conservatives and female conservatives. But yet when you stand up and say you will not tolerate this anymore then they claim to be a victim which I find absolutely laughable.

I can't deal with this dude. He is the living dream for the conservative right. A well-spoken successful Black man that wants to act like racism doesn't exist. I hate those types WAY more than I hate Yentas. I'm with Schultz on this one. As long as she stays quiet.

Watch The Throne - New Single OTIS

At first one might think that OTIS, the name of the first single ( let's not count H.A.M shall we) from Kanye West (Ye) and Jay - Z's (J) vanity project, Watch The Throne is a horrible name. Why name it that? But after listening to the track you realize that the title comes from the fact that the production is HEAVILY jacked from the song "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding (RIP). Already Ye and J with a name title succeed in making their audience feel stupid and beneath them. Not a good way to start a relationship fellas. In reality, unless this album sounds like a combination of the best of College Dropout, The Blueprint, The Black Album and Graduation while taking the risks of 808's and Heartbreaks, Kingdom Come with the polish of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the soul of The American Gangster album all while selling a gazillion albums it won't be successful. This by all measures is a Super Album. Two of the biggest stars in the game, not just today but of all - time are collaborating. Not just on a couple of songs but a full length album. There is no way that there won't be a letdown. This isn't just a record by Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne on some Lex Luger throway beat for a random mixtape but a conscious effort at pushing the boundaries of the pop and hip hop. Even their shoulders are not that wide to carry all that weight. Give Ye and J credit for trying, but I can't see where they either can begin to match or reach the expectations they set for their project. As a Stan fan I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling that through no fault of their own this project was doomed from the beginning.
Here is a link to the track and the track listing of the album.


Levi is going to be raped - repeatedly!

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A child murderer on his way to jail. Forever. Even though I have never been to jail I know one thing about jail mentality; Child molesters and predators are like food to the other inmates. There is nothing lower you can be. With news of Levi Aron's indictment I have been thinking about what will and should be done to him in jail. I personally vote for constant uninterrupted raping. For Levi's sake New York should re - institute the death penalty. Because there are some things worse than death. Chief among them; being gang - raped by a bunch of muscle bound Bloods with penises bigger than baseball bats. #No Morehouse! I don't know what kind of protective custody they have in jail but trust and believe - Levi will SURELY need it.

Killa Cam - One of the best ever?

Saw this on Bill Simmons' vanity website Grantland.com. One of their posters had entered this youtube video in a segment they call The Youtube Hall of Fame. After watching it I was elated to finally have some proof in my long running argument that Cam is pretty nice; Cam'ron is/has been doing his thing for a long time and it's time he gets his long deserved props.
Think about it:
- he has been around almost as long as Jay
- longer than Em
- while he has not made as much money or sold as many albums as either of them by a long shot he is still relevant in 2011 as his current album with Vado, Guns and Butter and their accompanying singles will attest.
- he and his Dipset movement continue to have a loyal fan base and continue to maintain a well - respected mainstream/underground movement repping Harlem (My Hood).
For those of you doubting my Stan when it comes to Cam check this video out from Rap City when he basically culled together a whole bunch of hooks into one cohesive freestyle.


They're No Huxtables...

Every year childless couples spend millions of dollars to have children.  They take fertility shots, endure IVF, artificial insemination, surrogacy, egg donations, adoption, scoop up fetuses from the bottom of abortion clinic floors- anything to have a child.  Good people.  Hard working people.  People who don't beat their spouses people.  People who need people, people.  Who just want to have a baby, people.  Then there are some people who after a few shots of Jagermeister, a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, a couple hits of meth and a Faith Hill song are doing their part to ensure trailer parks are never empty.  

Where is the justice you ask?  There is none. Sorry.  Sometimes people are products of people who are too closely related and shit like this happens.  


Brian Pumper and Chippy Dee I mean it's not bad for something that's supposed to suck


Wyclef for President..I thought the Earthquake was the worst thing that could have happened to the country

This is not going to work for anyone. After what he did to The Fugees and Lauryn Hill I am scared to see what he would do to a whole country.

Hey Morpheus don't feel bad daughters bringing shame to Fathers is the new rage...

Yo. Isn't Karma a bitch? Now that Rudy Guiliani's daughter has been busted for shoplifting I wonder what kind of treatment she is going to get? In Rudy's world a shoplifter was part of the big problem of crime. You remember the broken window theory? That bullshit about not ignoring the petty crimes because if you did you would really be encouraging more violent crimes. They were what made the city bad. They were the small pebble that rolled into a big boulder. Blah Blah Blah. If her name was Juanesha or Aquanetta best believe she would prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.