The Week With Candy!

The heat-wave has finally broken!
- Levi Aron, little Lieby’s murderer, has learned that his attorney has dropped his case
- Lauryn Hill gave birth to her sixth child (more on that later)
- My 13 year-old car was stolen.
- Amy Winehouse is dead.
Poor little (5’ 3”) Amy is dead and buried. Let the” Elvis-isation” begin. By now we all now she is a member of the infamous “Forever 27” club – celebrities that died tragically at age 27 just when they had “so much more ahead” of them musically, personally, etc. (see, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin), and that her father was a cab driver turned jazz musician who had a gig scheduled in NYC Saturday July 23 the day that she died, and that her mother was a pharmacist. [Needle scratching on record] Wait one – what? A pharmacist?! I’m not going to touch that. #judgenot#

Why are we as a society (me included) so obsessed with celebrity death? Is it that we would like to have something- anything in common with so-called “stars”? That we fell we must hold on to the memories that their music stirs in us? Or is it that we get a thrill out of crowing “I remember when I went to see/hear [insert celebrity name here] at the [insert venue name here] before (aforementioned) celebrity blew up.”

Speaking of which, Lauryn Hill gave birth to a son on Saturday July 23. Oh yeah, Rohan Marley, her five other babies daddy is not the daddy of this baby. So says Lauryn, so says Rohan. Mmmmm okaaaayyy. I’ll just say to Lauryn – 1. Congratulations (children are a blessing) 2. You knew what you were signing up for when you bought the beeswax for him and starting locking Rohan’s dreads. Their “relationshit”, I mean “shituation”, oh fuck it – whatever the fuck it is they had/have together is too much for me to try to analyze right now. #judgenot#

I used to play the hell out of my “Miseducation” CD. What memories that entire CD brings back for me. *sniffle sniffle* getting a little wistful here. I remember when I went to see Lauryn Hill at Constitution Hall in 1998 before she blew up. {See what I mean}

None of us knows what occurs on the “other side” or if there even is one. But, for me for right now I like to think that Amy is soberly driving Lieby to day camp in my green 1998 Dodge Neon while blasting track #5 from Lauryn’s opus “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

AMY – 27
HOMER – 13

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The Librarian said...

Haaaa! Yes...the sign of a true "relationshit" is greasin' up a scalp and twistin' up the locs. Well said. Poor Lauryn...poor poor Lauryn. I think we all just put in in the "Chick Went Crazy" category. It's okay...we still love you, Lauryn...crazy outfits and all.