You Raised 23 Children? Really?

Michelle Bachmann stated in addition to the 5 children she raised, that she also fostered 23 teenage girls over a number of years. Originally the motivation for this was that she wanted to help unwed teenage mothers, but as it turned out she ended up focusing on young teenage girls in general. Lovely story. Big heart. Etc.

But in this day and age, I have to wonder; why don't we know anything about any of these girls? We live in a gossiped obsessed world, where we know if our commander in chief wears boxers or briefs, or the manscaping habits of Congressmen (I'm looking at you Weiner and Wu), and yet, we know nothing about these 23 girls? Conveniently, since this fostering happened several years ago, Minnesota's child welfare services has shredded all evidence. So really, Bachmann can't prove her story.

That isn't even where I am going with this.

My point is that among siblings, there is always one black sheep. One sister or brother who had issues with the law, money, or addiction. One who decided to live outside of societal norms. One, who is the subject of most of the family gossip. One, whose siblings whisper about past misdeeds. So I look at these 23 young teenage girls - girls who have probably spent most of their lives in the foster care system before they are brought into a Christian Evangelical home. A home in which the parents' faith causes them to attempt and try to pray away the gay and home - school their kids - and none come forward with a story? No one has found one of these women with some tawdry story about their current lives? Really? And to go further - really all 5 biological children are saints? At least with the Bush twins, we knew which one was the drinker.

Something seems off. And it ain't Bachmann's eye contact.

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