I Can't Hate On This Anymore

I usually have a problem with 25/20's rapping. I always wonder if they are making fun of the genre. But this chick, Kreayshawn is killing it. Word is that she has a seven - figure deal. King Russell says he doubts it but the fact that someone even repeated it speaks to how crazy the rap industry is. With that being said though, this song kicks! And I have to admit ( Sorry Black Girls ) I do find her attractive in a sort of "I ran away from home, am addicted to pills and will do anything to score" kind of way. Let me know what you think. What do you think, is Kreayshawn here to stay or is she on a one way ticket to obscurity or even worse, the "27" club?


The Librarian said...

Ummmm....no. I don't even know what to say.....just no.

Anonymous said...

This girl ain't killing shit?! Her rhymes are whack and so is her flow! I can't believe you are co-signing this nonsense!