Really Rush - What are you trying to say? Obama's a fag?

Rush Limbaugh is like most 2520s of the world. Jealous and envious of any person of color that can do something better than them. Now, Rush Limbaugh is questioning Barack Obama's romantic history. Where are all his girlfriends? he is asking. But that's not what he's really trying to say. He's trying to say that Barack Obama, The President Of The United States is really a closeted Gay Man. Which is really interesting since most liberals and gossip politicos have been whispering the same about The Man With The Golden Microphone for years. Rush is the one that has been married multiple times and has no kids to show for all these unions. Let us not forget the fact that he had Elton John sing at his wedding. I know men are normally not in charge of such things as wedding planning and booking the guests but most men I know would have put their foot down at the mere mention of The Rocketman being the featured guest at their wedding. Listen to this fat "ex" drug addict insinuate that President Obama is on the DL.

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