New Lesson: You Can Get Away With Rape If You Are Rich, Powerful And French...

You know what's so funny about rape charges against Dominique Strauss Kahn DSK being dropped? I didn't hear from New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. I didn't see any grandstanding from His Highness about someone being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Where was Mike B. when it came time to make his presence felt? Where was the guy that cared so much about the safety of the people? So much about correcting lawlessness? Oh I know where he was; nowhere to be fucking found. Since the victim was an illegal immigrant African maid and the alleged accuser was a rich, powerful French banker that has money and is married into an even more powerful, rich, French and Jewish family Mike B. could give a fuck less. Which was not the case in the victimless crime with Plaxico Burress. Remember that? When he held a press conference and said that basically Plax should go to jail and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Where was that Mayor? Where was that mayor that didn't care about fairness and the letter of the law? Cyrus Vance is a coward and so are the rest of the New York Elite that ran the other way when this woman, Ms. Diallo - yet another Diallo fucked over by New York law enforcement - needed a friend, a champion a guardian. Listening to her attorney, Kenneth Thompson speak on her behalf on NY1 I had a new found understanding of the case. His moves and motives. According to Thompson the writing was on the wall. The powers that be - read Vance, Bloomberg and the rest of the mostly 2520 prosecutors in Manhattan - were more than ready to dismiss this case from the start. Thankfully, the civil suit is being filed in The Bronx. If Ms. Diallo lied about being raped then let a jury of her peers to decide not The New York Post, Benjamin Brafman (Plax's attorney) or any other coward that claims to represent "the people".

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