Killa Cam - One of the best ever?

Saw this on Bill Simmons' vanity website Grantland.com. One of their posters had entered this youtube video in a segment they call The Youtube Hall of Fame. After watching it I was elated to finally have some proof in my long running argument that Cam is pretty nice; Cam'ron is/has been doing his thing for a long time and it's time he gets his long deserved props.
Think about it:
- he has been around almost as long as Jay
- longer than Em
- while he has not made as much money or sold as many albums as either of them by a long shot he is still relevant in 2011 as his current album with Vado, Guns and Butter and their accompanying singles will attest.
- he and his Dipset movement continue to have a loyal fan base and continue to maintain a well - respected mainstream/underground movement repping Harlem (My Hood).
For those of you doubting my Stan when it comes to Cam check this video out from Rap City when he basically culled together a whole bunch of hooks into one cohesive freestyle.

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