Levi is going to be raped - repeatedly!

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A child murderer on his way to jail. Forever. Even though I have never been to jail I know one thing about jail mentality; Child molesters and predators are like food to the other inmates. There is nothing lower you can be. With news of Levi Aron's indictment I have been thinking about what will and should be done to him in jail. I personally vote for constant uninterrupted raping. For Levi's sake New York should re - institute the death penalty. Because there are some things worse than death. Chief among them; being gang - raped by a bunch of muscle bound Bloods with penises bigger than baseball bats. #No Morehouse! I don't know what kind of protective custody they have in jail but trust and believe - Levi will SURELY need it.

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