Yelling Girl Speaks...

Here we go again! When the media decide that they want to shove a white bitch down your throat, you are gonna have that woman for dinner, lunch and dessert..

Here is my gripe…WHITE BITCHES AINT THE ONLY BITCHES TO GET KILLED OR KIDNAPPED…every year minority women go missing…not only do you not hear about them - you’ll be lucky if you even get a blurb about it in the community paper (Oh, that’s right, nigga’s don’t have community papers)!
I’ve personally been searching for white bitches since 1997 and I’m tired, it should be a mandatory law that all white chicks have a chaperone everytime they leave the house. Actually, scratch that because if white women ain’t getting killed in the Bahamas their husbands take a few unpaid sick days and decide to kill them when their direct desposit comes in and they realize they don’t have enough money for Glad Bags and a wife. Here is where the resentment comes in, no person (race or creed) is more important than another but time and time again we see that nothing has changed. Trust me everytime we’ve ever gone to war in this country it has been to protect the interest of white women and children!

Seriously, I’m not well versed with the Casey Anthony case because every week a white women is killing her kid and blaming it on 18 different niggas that were at the Wal-Mart the time of the disappearance. I was, however shocked at how many people thought this woman was guilty, and she still got off Scott Free. Now, I have never been a fan of O.J. I think he is the biggest Uncle Tom since Uncle Ben, however when he “got off” with murder we had to go on suicide watch for at least 76 white kids at my school because their lives would never be the same. However, this innocent young girl is killed by someone (either the mother or someone she knows) and Casey is able to walk free? I don’t get it?! Where is the outrage?! Where is the civil trial?! And Gloria Alred and her dyke - friendly suit?!

Pippa…they are turing this bitch into the Jennifer Aniston of the ‘10’s! Who in the hell gives two rats ass about this girl?! Who? Not Prince William or he would have married this bitch instead of the other! Why is there all this damn hoopla about this girl?! “Who is that girl in the white dress?” … “She is so amazing” … “She is so stylish”…”She is the new it , girl” … Add an “SH” to that! The bitch ain’t shit to me! I mean that straight up and down! I think she is as plain as a vanilla ice cream on a regular cone. Stand that bitch next to Beyonce and see how dim that candle gets! Better yet, stand her next to the baddest white bitch out there (which according to niggas is CoCo) and see what she looks like! I’m so sick of this girl, I want TLC and the rest of the media to stop shoving her down my throat! I’d rather watch 56 hours of Tampax commercials back to back with a few yeast infection creams Ads sprinkled in than watch another second of this twat!

Let me say this in closing, yes, I have a bunch of white girlfriends! We’ll talk about that in another installment of my rants…but like the rest of the world I’m tried of reading about them. I lived through Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston, Miley Cyrus and the rest of these skippty bippites being shoved down my throat…I can’t take another! No more!!!!

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