It's Over - don't act like you didn't see it coming

Bristol Palin and Levi whatever his name is have broken up. Like you, me and anyone else that had a brain didn't see it coming. Talk is that Bristol did the breaking and that Levi has been told that he can see Trig whenever he wants. Here's what I think happened: The race was over and once Sarah Palin got back on that Alaska thing she let it be known that that dropout baby daddy should get the fuck out of her face before she throws the book on his crystal meth slinging mother. Levi don't feel bad you are finally free. Run like the motherfucking wind.


Butterrfly said...

Makes me want to shout, "who did you think you were fooling???" I mean really? Who besides Elisabeth Hasselbeck bought into this teenage "love story".

I find the whole story thoroughly entertaining..

TalentUnltd said...

Who de hell thought they were EVER going to get married? If they were, the would have long before the baby came. Palin knew she wasn't gonna have her daughter marry that meth slinging woman's son. Not to mention, he probably dias all he was ever really after was the easy girl, the gubna's daughter. He wanted bragging rights. He got a little bit more than that though... It's called child support.