The more Obama stays in office the more he will begin to look like Uncle Ben!

Poor baby. He wanted to make change. But the more he stays in office, President Barack Obama's hair continues to go WHITE like his momma's side of the family. have you seen the pics? Just last year he was in great shape looking youthful and in charge. Now? Dude looks like he belongs on the side of a box of rice or the front of a bag of cookies. The job is getting to him. I feel bad for the guy. I really do. My only question is how come after 9/11, two wars and a financial collapse W. looks almost the same? 


OG said...

Bush was not smart enough to be worried. Ignorance is bliss (even when it shouldn't be).

Butterrfly said...

he's still America's sexiest man. gray hair.. white hair.. who cares.. fine is fine