Question of the Day (10-Mar)


Sorry I've been off the scene so long. Too much Bullshittin'.

But, digg this. We all know a sellout when we see one or hear one. But, us Black folks in America are very familiar with the term Uncle Tom...............

Most of us assume it comes from the title of the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and also assume that the brotha in the story was a sell out. But, how many of us actually know the origins of this term? How any of us actually read that story? Surprisingly, I never even knew that Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel was based on the life of a real dude. From what I read, the character Uncle Tom actually was not a sell out at all, but more of a martyr or hero; sacrificing his freedom and happiness for his family mostly. Even in the movie with Avery Brooks, it was much of the same heroic acts.

So, how did Uncle Tom turn into a sellout?

Somebody get back at me on this........

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YALONDA said...

By daring to be different!