random blogging - attention: Geithner must fall on his sword!

look any administration has it's share of fuckups and let's face it this is one. either geithner is incompetent or two laid back for the task at hand. if he is an invaluable as everyone says then have be valuable in the background. he doesn't inspire any confidence or a clear message. what exactly is he doing? didn't he know? didn't he put this together when he is the new york fed chief? Bye bye. obama has got to give him the news. get out or get in the back.


Butterrfly said...

Obama and team have barely been in business 60 days.. give the administration a chance.. geez.. even G-dub got at least18 months before critiques started rolling in

TalentUnltd said...

Roc, you already know how I feel about the situation. I don't care how bad he sounds in public... that isht didn't stop G-Dub from making a fool of himself every time he opened his mouth in front of the cameras and he was the damn president! As long as Geithner can handle his biz behind the scenes, that's all I'm concerned about. People can't expect something that took 8 years to fugg up to be fixed in less than 100 days.