random blogging - Obama is getting blamed for every mother fucking thing!

So Obama can't laugh now? He can't laugh because the economy is in the shitter? What kind of business is it of anyone when someone can laugh? It's not like he was making holocaust jokes. He was just laughing to keep from crying. He should be laughing all the way to the bank. Because at this point the best thing for him to is leave and say, "here's a joke, FUCK YOU" and bounce. When the war was raging out of control I remember that retarded cowboy from Crawford not only laughing but playing golf, dancing and playing bongos with Africans. WTF?


Butterrfly said...

LOL.. what is your ranting post about... who said something about O laughing??? What are you reacting to exactly? and your tags... LMAO! Roc you are funny!

Marvel Girl said...

I have not been watching the news because of this. I can't stand it. First they say he talking too much about hope. Then when he gets real about the economy, Clinton says he is not being hopeful enough and giving the country courage. then they call him a robot, and when he laughs they call him a joker. it is disgusting.