wasup with a - rod? I can't defend him anymore. He is just too dumb. why is he so stupid? why would he pose like that in this shitstorm he's in? Not that it's wrong to look gay as hell but he is an athlete and dude is Dominican. Why would he think that this wouldn't be met with more criticism? Who is advising him, the writers of telenovelas? This guy has more drama than Mary J. Blige's nose in the 90's. Someone help him get his shit together.


Butterrfly said...

I just need someone to explain to me what that seamans matress has to do with his career as a baseball player.... he looks like he's in an abandoned crack house.. or maybe that's the point?

TalentUnltd said...

Yeah maybe that is the point... that his career is about to be in an abandoned crack house too. Man, there are so many other players that are more deserving of his riches... Like someone who actually helped their team wina ring or two, like ummm errr ahhh Manny Ramirez.... Yeah I know, he is a jerk, quite possibly the T.O. of baseball, but dammit he gets results.

donna troy said...

Roc, you know when wifey is not around, you do sexy poses in the mirror. And at the gym, you look in the mirror at your "six-pack" or check on that pimple. You do. You do.

A-Rod isn't crazy...he's just keeping it sexy for the ladies.