Shhh - Don't tell my wife that I have a crush on... Whoopi Goldberg!

I love Whoopi Goldberg! There I said it! I love the way she is the most unattractive woman to most people's standards and yet she is on television every single day. I like the way she has an Oscar. What? I like the way that she has hosted the Oscars. But she is so ugly? At the end of the day Whoopi Goldberg was a welfare mother that turned into a highly successful performer in Hollywood. And to make matters even crazier she has to have some good stuff between her legs because she stays turning dudes out. Ted Danson left his wife and kids for her and by the time she finished with him he had on Blackface. Danson was so turned out that he let the world see that he was grey and bald. Let's not even talk about what she did to Frank Langella. So would I roll around with Whoopi? Maybe. But definitely if she tells me what in the world she was thinking when she made that Dinosaur cop movie.

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Butterrfly said...

I think Whoopi is an attractive woman.. not in the everyday conventional sense.. but attractive all the same.