Hold on Barack - Don't be bowing to no arab King!

For those of you (and you know who you are) that believe that President Obama is some undercover sinister anti - christ this photo of him bowing to King Faud of Saudi Arabia makes them think they were on to something. Why would he do that? Hopefully he tripped and this photo was taken before he righted himself. He didn't bow to the Queen of England but he bows to this smelly A-rab that doesn't believe in women's rights, cracking down on terrorism or judging by the looks of him - bathing? This to me was a misstep. But I still believe in President Barack Hussein Obama even if he is doing things that no one in his position before him has done.

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Marvel Girl said...

well, what's better, bowing like this or holding hands and strolling across the lawn like Bush did with the sheik? yep, people will do a lot with this pic, but bush has given us centuries of ammo too.