Who knew it had been 15 years since Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the Seattle group NIrvana, the face of grunge music shot and killed himself?
The story struck a chord because this guy was, seemingly on top of the world. He had the number one band and the number one sound. Nirvana and grunge music was the shit and he ruled. He had surpassed then the #1 band, Guns and Roses and had a sassy lady to ride or die with him in Courtney Love, a star fucker if you ever saw one.
There was this one other thing: Kurt was a drug addict. The worse kind: Heroin. And his enabler Love didn't help. To go with that debilitating habit, the reckless wife was the fact that Kurt was depressed and had taken pills to cope. Not a good combination whichever way you combine them. To this day I feel like Love was compicit in Kurt's death because the events leading up to and after his death remain shrouded in mystery.
Why was his body discovered three days after he apparently did the deed?
Where was Love?
Why didn't he just ask for help? His suicide note left one with more questions than answers. He was only 27.
Kurt will live on in the hearts of his fans, the music playlist at rock statins and forever in our IPODS. Rest In Peace Kurt Cobain. 

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Marvel Girl said...

We're old! 15 years?