I Know I'm Late on this but what in the fuck happened to Baby Bam from The Jungle Brothers?

Yo I had heard some rumors that Afrika Baby Bam from The jungle Brothers was gay but this shit is ridiculous. If you remember Bam was a conscious party rapper that spit some of the illest flows ever. Their first album Straight Out The Jungle is a bonafide classic but today, 25 years later Bam is a bonafide trannie with a youtube account check this shit out:

While you digest what you just saw check out this video when bam was thinking straight


donna troy said...

Okay, Roc...this one was actually a little disturbing to me, as well. The Jungle Brothers were one of the few groups that made sure we respected the African medallion...more importantly, the motherland itself. They made sure we knew that respect was due to Africa. I am a little disturbed by Baby Bam, but not really surprised. My question is...is he gay, into cross-dressing or both? I ask that because at least if he's into cross-dressing and performing then it kind of explains why he was part of a group in the first place. He maybe just wanted to be in front of an audience. If he's gay...that's different, but all good with me-I could care less what he does in the bedroom.

I just wonder if fans of The Jungle Bros and that era of hip-hop are cool with this. Will fans lose respect for the Jungle Brothers and what the group did for conscious hip-hop?

I should work for VIBE;)

Butterrfly said...

I'm thinking.... this is some sort of drug induced state... smh.