I'M FEELING THIS - Before I forget...Our Urban Odyssey is the shit!

Before I forget, I have to shout out my homegirl Marvel Girl and her head banging blog - Our urban odyssey. Not only is it a fascinating look at the life of a Greek A Rican living in NEW YORK CITY but it's great to read a blog by a female that likes comic books, sci - fi and also happens to be very attractive (I know that is hard to believe but it is true - Marvel Girl makes Jean Grey look like Roc Belushi). And not to take to much credit bit I believe that this blog was a bit of an inspiration. So please check out my homegirl's blog and let her know what you think. 

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Marvel Girl said...

Thanks Roc. We usually say Puerto Greekan but I'll take Greek A Rican too.

Yes, always said and still do- Harlem Hubris introduced me to you tube and familiarized me with blogging and served as inspiration, though I was begging you to start a blog back in the day.

thanks for the hotness factor.

Yes, when you're done blogging Hubris, hop over to www.oururbanodyssey.com and share your stories.