Judge Sotomayor is the best!

Look I don't know anything about this lady but I like her. Why? Because she has all the white men in an uproar. Republicans, conservatives and racists alike are so mad that Obama outsmarted them once again by nominating a Hispanic woman to The Supreme Court that they have stooped to the fifth grade level of name calling. It's ridiculous. This woman has the credentials (unlike Harriet Miers) and the life experience (unlike Alito and Roberts) that the Supreme Court truly needs to go into the future. Who knows, maybe one day they will even have cameras in the Supreme Court. Now that there will be a Puerto Rican there the white judges will probably want to keep tabs on her in case there belongings go missing.


Butterrfly said...

Obama - 5 Republicans - 0

they have nothing... they are reaching.. they are pathetic.

Marvel Girl said...

I had to stomach interviews on PBS where a professor from Utah questioned her "intellectual fire power" in comparison to the good ol' boys. I don't know how the other professor who defended her nomination kept her cool. People don't like the brown invasion. I imagine how people not wanting a different shades America cringe when, in referring to her nomination, it is quoted how the Hispanic population is the fastest growing population. At the same time, it is weird to also get a fertility statistic following you all the time as Latina female.