That's my word - I don't fux with Notre Dame no more!

Can you believe the students, faculties and morons at Notre Dame that protested the President's commencement speech yesterday? They have some nerve. How could they be SO against the President on the one issue of abortion? So what that he is in favor of not banning abortion, you think that makes him a baby killer? 
What about the fact that President Kennedy, a Catholic, help to kill many (babies included) with his CIA - assisted subterfuge during his reign?
What about the fact that The Catholic religion has been running a child molestation factory for the last 100 years in America? 
Can you believe the same people that come from the church that gave us colonization, exploitation and genocide throughout South America has the nerve to disrespect King Barack? WTF? This was worse than the racists at Arizona State University not giving The President an honorary degree. Well wait no it wasn't but still this gets me mad because Catholics sometimes come off as the ultimate Dick Heads. It didn't help that I just saw Angels and Demons either.  


Kerri E. said...

Pro-life, animal activists,anti-immigration groups, etc.... are becoming very dangerous. These groups are one-sided and preach their own doctrine and oppose(hate) anyone that is against it. I often wonder why so much emphasis is placed on a unborn child and when the baby is born and struggling w/o health care,an education, food, shelter & loving parents these fanatics are nowhere in sight?I believe a "true" godly person should allow one another the freedoms that the Lord has granted us all--who are we to judge! BTW--has anyone ever seen pro-choice people disrespect a president that is pro-life, I haven't! Catholics are weird!

Marvel Girl said...

thank you for writing this. it's like the tea party thing. Rally against the black man. It's what gets people from grumbling on their couch and church to mobilizing to the streets. his non-whiteness puts them over the edge with fury.
I agree- the pro-life movement is getting scarier.