Do You Remember when Star and Bucwild were on the radio?

Remember Star and Buc Wild personal agitators on the radio? They were a staple in New York City. The show was really Star and his boy. Star was the voice of the show and his daily morning hate on the dum dum had a large audience. Even we (The Roc Belushi show) had a brief (VERY BRIEF) feud that i doubt that he would even remember. Towards the end he kind of flamed out, got sick and has now reappeared on djvlad.com spewing his brand of humor and hate. Thanks to the boy Dre for putting me on to these. ENJOY:

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donna troy said...

Yo...I love Star! People who know me would be shocked, but I love people who just don't care what anybody else thinks! Yes, he's rude. Yes, he's an ass. Yes, he's a hater (that's his claim to fame), but I like to hear his opinions on things. Most of the time I don't agree with his rantings, but every once in awhile he says something that makes you think.

I'm glad he's still doing his thing...and doing it a few pounds lighter;)