Saw this on a Fb Status Update Post:
June 7th is the day when Prince Rogers Nelson (AKA Prince) was born. Who ever knew that on this day one of the best singer/songwriters/guitarists would be born. As much as I love Prince, it must be noted that his music has fallen off tremendously, not Michael jackson fall off but fall off nonetheless. At the end of the day Prince is up there with Bruce Springsteen when it comes to live show status. I know he is old and a Jehovah's witness but why can't Prince take some steroids and go on one of those marathon tours? He has the cult status that touring bands like Phish and The Dave Mathews Band has and the musical catalogue that a Bruce Springsteen has. Come on Prince stop recording and making people buy your stuff at Target and just play that funky stuff in arenas. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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