I am confused... Meet Alysa Stanton

Meet homegirl, Alysa Stanton. She is the first ever Black female Rabbi. Talk about a trailblazer. It's one thing to have a Black President in a White Supremacist society but a sista girl in the temple? Who would have ever thought? In alot of ways she pulled off something no one and I mean no one would have even dared think of. And she has the nerve to be a rabbi in a temple in South Carolina. So let's put it together: Black, female, rabbi and in the South. Damn, when she dies jewish boys and girls should betsda (ghetto talk) have the day off from school.

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Butterrfly said...

Yes.. her story is very interesting indeed. Female Rabbi's are rare enough now a black female Rabbi? That's a switch. when I heard it the other night on the news it made me do a double blink... [<<] DVR rewind... slow blink..