Random Blogging: Is it wrong of me NOT to give a fuck about Iran?

Hey I don't feel bad. I don't care about what the people in Iran do. Fight for your freedom but that doesn't mean that me or my President has to get involved with your struggle. We, as a country have already taken over two countries in The Middle East and straight fucked it up, so why do I care about another group of people in The Middle East? I really don't have the time to care about their struggles. It's hard for me to pay my bills much less invest in a struggle of a group of people that don't look like me. HEY IRAN WISH YOU THE BEST! But I can't really give a fuck right now!


Butterrfly said...

umm.. yes.. It is WRONG of you not to care. (yes I deleted your expletive)

Anonymous said...

Yup. Absolutely wrong of you! I agree Obama shouldn't get involved though... because that would hurt their cause.

Marvel Girl said...

i agree with not getting involved. but think twice about saying not to care about people that don't look like you. that's not true about you Roc!