RANDOM BLOGGING: IS TMZ The New York Times of this century?

How in the hell is Tmz the definitive source that broke this Michael Jackson story? Why is CNN, MSNBC and FOX news behind the "news" organization founded by the guy that does the man on the street interviews on People's Court? Harvey Levin has a great thing going but for him to be the number one source in breaking news is shameful. That is exactly the reason why major news organizations are going broke. They are not doing what TMZ is doing. Entertaining their audience, developing relationships with key sources and BREAKING NEWS RIGHT AWAY. The TMZ television show is horrible but the website keeps it a hunnit!


donna troy said...

I heard about TMZ being the first to break the MJ news and I know why! They got their ears to the streets! You are exactly right...they know their audience and develop relationships with good sources.

I am a TMZ fan because they know what I want and give it to me the way I like it (hee hee). I don't want to hear a lot of drawn out info about the financial status of the world...it sucks! I don't want to hear about another shooting in Brooklyn...that sucks! And I don't need a long winded lecture on the storm coming my way...storms suck! Just give me three minute blurbs on my favorite shows, musicians, and political figures and I'm good. In 30 minutes, TMZ gives me everything I need to know wrapped up in a little comedy bag, packaged by Harvey Lewin.

Butterrfly said...

I actually hate TMZ.. its a gossip rag.. no journalistic integrity or ethics. Their "sources" are all PAID. Harvey Lewin digusts me.