Random Sightings - Corey Glover

Do you remember the boy Corey Glover? The lead singer from Living Color? I ran into him the other day. He is actually married to a former colleague of mine so he was really cool. I told him that he was the reason why I ever wore spandex and listened to rock music. He even indulged me long enough to let me try and recite the Malcolm X intro on "Cult Of Personality". Corey Glover - yet another victim Of Harlem Hubris' Celebrity Random Sightings. Shouts go out to Y. Salgado.
For those of you that need a refresher on Corey Glover and the group that he fronted, Living Color, here is the video that made white and Black people realize that Blacks can rock just as hard as anyone else. ENJOY:


donna troy said...

I'm rocking out to this group right now...(head shaking vigorously)! I loved Living Colour! I remember jumping up and dancing all crazy when this video played on MTV!

Hey, Roc...fun fact that you may or may not know...one of The Roots guitarist is from Living Colour and he hasn't lost his edge;)

Butterrfly said...

*slow blink*