Random Blogging: JAY Z needs to stop hating on AUTOTUNE

Someone needs to tell Jigga that he needs to stop hating on Auto tune. If young kids want to listen to that then so be it. They are trying to eat. Why does Jay think that he needs to be the only person that can make money making records. I actually like Kanye's record but I am not a big fan of Auto tune. But then again I am going on 35 I shouldn't like it. Jay is older than me, he shouldn't give a fuck about the rest of the teenage contingent and what they like. He should fall back and let these young men and women eat. dude you are already fucking Beyonce you can't let anyone else live?

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Butterrfly said...

Ok.. fill me in.. what the heck is "AUTOTUNE".. yeah I'm old...lol