Sorry Farrah - you just picked the wrong day to die!

Peace and good wishes to the girl Farrah Fawcett. She passed away on Thursday. The media and NBC especially pretty much had the marketing roll - out ready for her tribute. But SOMETHING ELSE happened that made the country forget that she died. much less even existed. At the end of the day no matter how much equal time the media would like to give her, Fawcett was basically a celebrity that was famous for posing in a swimsuit and starring on a gimmick detective show for a season and a half. Her death came at the wrong time. At least she was dead and in a place where she didn't have to see the marketing plan get sabotaged. Ryan O'neal on the other hand had to sit and watch as his plans to jumpstart his career came to a screeching halt. Sorry, Ryan I know you had this, "let's love farrah and remember me" marketing thing all planned out but it was something that even you could not see: Farrah's irrelevance in the face of a real celebrity death!

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