Whatever you do please don't blame JOE

I am tired of people blaming Joe Jackson for Mike's behavior. It's wrong. Joe may have abused his family and his son but at a certain point Mike should be held accountable for his own behavior. I know that Mike didn't have a childhood but let's keep it real: Childhoods are extremely overrated. I would love to have had a choice: a childhood or extreme fame and fortune. Most people would kill to have that opportunity. Joe Jackson may have almost killed his son but damn it Michael Jackson made it to the mountaintop. After that Mike was on his own. Joe was a good Father. Maybe not a great man but a good father. He gave his children hope, opportunity and success through discipline. How do you think he was raised? He was probably two generations from slavery. That's the way it was. "Daddy's way or the highway." Mike was lucky. Without Joe there would be no white glove. Without Joe there would be no monkey and no zoo. Without Joe there would be nothing. So stop hating and show respect to one of the great Fathers of all time - Joe Jackson.


Marvel Girl said...

I'm not verse on what the claims are of an abused childhood, but I've thought the same things. So long as Michael was happy with his career, I ask the same what if's. Like if his ass wasn't thrown on stage would his star ever have emerged? is it a matter of personal sacrifice to give the world something so golden? maybe it was a pack michael's soul made with the universe. at least beauty came out of your pain.

Butterrfly said...

clearly you wrote this before Joe got on the mic and started making public statements... umm.. yeah.. something ain't there...mentally speaking.