POOR CHRIS BROWN - you can't even hit a woman and sell records anymore!


miss cigarette said...

To answer the question you posed in the title...if James Brown can, Chris Brown can. This won't stop him. And whomever in his camp that was in charge of damage control did a brilliant job with this gem dandy {and I'm clear this was the work of someone else when Chris Brown says the words "inexcusable" and "sought" because we know had he written it, he would have said "seeked"}.

Butterrfly said...

If I've said it once, I've said it 1000x! I don't care about rich peoples' problems. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

Chris Brown, so what your career is over?? YOU unlike 99% of Americans, still have millions in the bank. I don't know if there are enough worlds in the English language to describe how incredibly apathetic I am to your situation. Talk to me when you have real problems.. No healthcare coverage, behind on your mortgage, tax liens, retirement savings wiped out, yada damn yada.

donna troy said...

True, Butterfly...Chris Brown has no real problems!

Here's my take on this whole thing...he'll be aaiight! But, the teens and tweens that use Mommy and Daddy's money to buy his CD's need to know that it is not okay to hit a woman. It is not okay to abuse someone you love. It is good to apologize. We have to think about the messages we are sending to our kids and hopefully they got this message...text...email...video...tweet...:)