Question of the Day (9-Jul)

First let me say people: Rest in Peace to those that have recently passed away. Respect due to their legacy.

I'm sorry I've been out the loop for so long, I'll try to do better.

But I gotta ask,

Considering the circumstances with (my man) Steve McNair, was he a DUMB cheater?


Butterrfly said...

survey says, "HAYALE YES"

not that I condone extramarital affairs, I abhor them, but the chick was 20 years old with nothing to lose. You have to have some jump off selection standards and when you select one make sure they are equipped to stay in their requisite lane and thoroughly understand the jumpoff handbook, especially the chapter that includes:
* I have a wife and I'm not leaving her
* I'll take care of you, but remember I have a wife
* I'll give you some money to get your nails done and buy a new outfit, but remember I have a wife.
* Did you take your pill today, did mention I have a wife AND kids

TalentUnltd said...

I'm gon' tell you like I told dozens of others...

Not to speak ill of the dead but Steve exercised POOR JUDGMENT in dealing with a chick damn near half his age. Some 30 year old jumpoffs don't know how to stay in their lane. What the hayale would make anyone think a 20 year old could? This chick took him out because she thought he was "cheating" on her with another jumpoff. Ok not that I condone "jumpoffism", BUT I'm gonna need all women who seem to be OK with playing this part to take JumpOff 101 or at some other institutions it may be referred to as Sideline Ho 101.

And as the man who is cheating, he should make sure she has taken the class or enroll her in one. Please see Butterrfly for the syllabus. Thaaaaaaanks!