Random Blogging: I never liked Skip Gates!

I never liked Skip Gates. I always thought that he thought he was high and mighty and better than most regular Black people. He comes from that uppity class of Negroes that think they should never be grouped in with the rest of the poor and blue collar section of Black men and women that he and his ilk claim to love, serve and help with their "contributions" to society. Well - Gates and the other uppity Negroes got their wake up call. 
Skip was arrested for being in his own home, told on by his neighbor and shown no respect by the men (cowards) that claim to protect and serve. HA HA. What makes this unfunny however is the fact that Skip is not the exception. He is the rule. He was profiled, arrested, disrespected and shown that he is seen like me and other Black men: A NIGGER! at all times. Welcome to the real world Skip. 
Oh yeah and to the cops that did that shit I have two things to say: THANK YOU for waking up Americans and especially Uppity Black Americans to the real deal and FUCK YOU for letting me know that no matter how far I climb up any social ladder in American society I am still one wise crack or attitude adjustment away from being put in jail.


Butterrfly said...

LMAO! why are you mad at Louis "Skip" Gates?

I'm more bothered by the distraction this whole debacle has created. I'm not saying racial profiling is not an issue, it is. But seriously, its business as usual for the day to day race relations in America. I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.. I don't need this debate to supercede or diminish the addressable and solveable issues that my president is working on.

Yeah.. its jacked up that he got arrested for making noise in his own home.. But c'mon, folks... we got two wars going on, national debt of record heights, dumb kids dropping out of school, people deciding between health care or paying rent, the state of california beg borrowing and stealing to make payroll ... there are bigger issues to focus on. The stakes are too damned high to get distracted with Skip Gates problems with the local police.. file a civil suit like I would and keep it rolling.. call Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.. they are always looking for work. leave my president out of your mouth..he's busy.

Anonymous said...

I agree Butterfly. We need to focus on the larger issues.

Marvel Girl said...

I think this COULD be used as a way to talk about this shit without it always being the same old. Obama could potentially use this as a national discussion, in a way like he talked about his grandmother harboring or saying things that made him cringe- recognizing the work to be done. It's so set up for national lesson, it's sad. One more thing to accelerate Obama's aging.

Roc, good post.