Rest In Peace Air McNair!

Even though details are sketchy the fact remains that former quarterback and Black College standout Steve McNair was shot and killed Friday Night. While I can't say that I was a fan of any of the teams that he played for I can say with supreme honesty that I rooted for him. Not just because he was a Black quarterback but because he was a Black quarterback from a Black college proving that Black quarterbacks from H.B.C.U's can compete in the league. I was heartbroken when he came up a yard short of winning the Super Bowl against The Rams but I was also in pain when I saw all the hits that he would be forced to take trying to pass or run out of the pocket. He leaves behind four children and a wife. My prayers go out to them. May he Rest In Peace.

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TalentUnltd said...

Hmmm... I'll keep my mouth shut in this one. I don't know about that Iranian girlfriend of his... SMH.