TV News & MJ

Sorry, I was away for most of the MJ craziness and didn't get a chance to post this earlier - hope the ROC hasn't already vented on this.

All the tv networks had been chomping at the bit for the Farrah obit program - it is summer after all and it beats playing repeats. So she dies, and then MJ dies - so they act like Farrah is just as important as he is - because they don't have time to scramble to do something proper for him that night. Don't get me wrong, I was a Charles Angels/6 Million Dollar Man fan. Still remember watching the Burning Bed when it came out. But seriously? Farrah was no pop culture icon (yes Roc, her nipple will live on in infamy, but you know what I mean.). So I am annoyed about giving her this type of attention.

On a side note, her anal cancer was caused by the HPV virus (the same that can cause cervical cancer). Notice how no one spent time on this - there were no extra Garadsil ads during the Farrah love fest. Its because no wants to talk about anal sex (or anal cancer for that matter).


Butterrfly said...

"...her anal cancer was caused by the HPV virus" <--- ok what? I had no clue.

Marvel Girl said...

anal cancer is not always caused by HPV, just so you know. I don't know specifics on her cause of death, but just note that health fact.

white shadow said...

I know that anal cancer is not always caused by HPV, though the majority of cases are. In this case, Farrah did get anal cancer from HPV. But I hear you, and will be more careful with how I lay out health facts in the future. Thanks!

Marvel Girl said...

thanks for letting me know about the origins of her cancer- didn't know that. your point is spot on about not wanting to talk about it on air.