It's time for me to say it...I don't really like Parks and Recreation!

Look, I love sitcoms. Most of my comic humor is based on a life of growing up watching classic and not so classic television sitcoms with highly inappropriate laugh tracks. That is why have to finally admit to myself that I could care less about Parks and Recreation the spin - off of the very popular and way more more funny NBC sitcom The Office. As much as I love Amy Proehler her character looks little more to me than a Michael Scott rip off in drag with bottled blonde hair. Despite the cast that does have funny people it is hard for me not to compare them to The Office cast. Which is no comparison. What's worse than the fact that it doesn't compare to The Office is the fact that the show is just not funny. It doesn't make me laugh. I chuckle but I think some of them are forced chuckles. Just my opinion!

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