Poor Jimmy Carter doesn't he realize that Americans seldom like to hear the truth?

Jimmy Carter has been a much better citizen than he was ever a President. As President, Carter was a man that seemed uneasy with the ways of Washington, D.C. and the intricacies of politics on a National level. At times, especially during the events of The Iran Hostage Crisis, he seemed ineffective and weak. He waffled on policy and was even challenged by a member of his own party during his re-election campaign (Ted Kennedy Rest In Peace)! But after he was beaten in his re-election bid for President by the worst President in my lifetime, Ronald Reagan, Carter seemed a change man. He became an advocate for poor people's rights, built homes for them and spoke out for Democracy all over the world. Now he says something that has sparked controversy: HIs opinion that much of the criticism reflected towards President Obama is racially motivated. What's funny is that Carter doesn't still get how to play the political game. Poor Jimmy, he will never be accepted in the old boys network. But if he continues to keep it real with me then he can be accepted in my middle aged boys network.


nader paul kucinich gravel said...

Bury the anthrax.
Divide and conquer.
Protecting the guilty.
Sell the 9/11 cover-up.
Pure propaganda via media.
New PR face in the White House.
AIPAC Neocon stage management.
Same puppet masters behind the curtain.
Follow the orders of the "Federal" Reserve.

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Butterrfly said...

wow.. that comment above is a little eerrr.. a bit disturbing? paranoia much?

As for Jimmy Carter, the man was just too smart for his post. PhD in Physics. Decorated Naval Officer. He really knew then what he was talking about, and had a very strategically sound agenda for growth and prosperity. His issue is exactly what you touched upon Roc, his lack of political savvy. You can hate the game all you want, but to win it, you have to play it. Just that simple.