SUCKA...Did no one hug this man as a child?

Look I know that no woman is innocent but damn. Why on Earth would this man, Eddie Winslow wife SUPERHEAD? Karrine Stephens is the luckiest woman on Earth. After all that hoeing she was able to find a man that was willing to wife her. Good looks for her. She is attractive and all that but I am trying to understand what on Earth would make this man want to say to this woman: "Will you be my wife?" How can he listen to any rap song made after 1997? How can he watch any sporting event? How can he walk the streets of Los Angeles? Damn every man wants to think that his wife was a virgin before they got married but know it isn't true. But this guy can't even imagine. I hope that he is in love so that he can tell me what that love is like because I want to know.

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Butterrfly said...

Wait a minute.. didn't he try to run her over with a car a year or two ago? smh.. crazy marries crazy.. big deal..