Clark Atlanta University - You know what it is!

I had a great time at homecoming. For those of you that don't know me (I can't imagine that could be too many people that actually read this) I was educated at an H.B.C.U. I met my wife there, my friends there and found myself there. I have many regrets in life but traveling down there and spending four years of my life in that small section of Atlanta, Georgia was not one of them. Shouts go out to my boys: Rello, 22, Baker, D. and even Most. Gots to say wasup to Diesel and Beamon and Sirius. It was a good time had by all. Let me just say this: There are no women like the women from The A.U.C. When future civilizations study this generation they will learn that the success of our race had it's foundation there. FOR REAL!

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