Random Blogging: When is Barack Obama going to be that guy that over 60 million people voted for

I love President Barack Obama but you know what else I love: Accountability, Promise Keeping, Change and Hope. I am not one of those people that expected him to snap his fingers and make changes but it has been 9 months now. And that has been long enough time to do something: Balance a Budget, End a War, Heal the sick, make the country more environmentally friendly or give everybody some sex toys. Something!
Unfortunately and The President has to know this: We live in a Youtube/Twitter/Facebook generation where videos and ideas can be conveyed seconds at a time. People, especially the young people that voted for President Obama don't have the patience to wait. They don't know how to be patient and let the President take 3 months to come up with a solution to some of the country's problems. Do you remember what happened in August? In three weeks while The President was THINKING about what to do about Healthcare, the lunatic fringe on the right managed to convince less crazier people that the first Black President was actually a Nazi, Fascist, Kenyan - Born Anti-Christ trying to find new and improved way to kill them.
So Mr. President, here is my suggestion: Think about solving the problems but do it quickly because if you don't - someone, possibly a Republican candidate for President will convince a whole group of people, possibly a large moderate voting bloc, that you don't need to keep your job when you have your next performance review in 2012

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