Random blogging...Let that fat fuck Limbaugh own a team.

Listen, as much as I would like to see the man dead, I still think that Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to own a football team. His politics and policies are one thing but this is still America and he should have the same rights as anyone else. As much as I hate him and everything that he says on the air the bottom line is that he is an entertainer and his schtick sells - 20 million people listen to him a week. His radio show is one of the only places where white people can still be white. It's like Archie Bunker had a microphone and a radio signal. If he is not allowed to own a team because of his political views or controversial statements then the next time a potential owner with questionable views on the other side of the political spectrum (Howard Stern, Al Sharpton or myself) won't be allowed to own a team. It just isn't right and fair is fair.

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