Ever heard of Jacky Jasper?

I am not into gossip but this post by Jacky Jasper from his website, Diary of a hollywood Street King claims that Rakim The God is in reality a God crackhead. Yup that's right, the man known as Rakim Allah according to Jasper is a bonafide crackhead. Jasper goes on to speculate that crack addiction and the lack of leadership from his old partner Eric B. is the reason why his career has flopped since their break up:
Dr Dre came to save the day by signing Rakim to his label, AfterMath. Guess what happened? I’ll tell you. Around that same time, I was sitting in Zach Katts’ office (Rakim’s manager) who played me a few tracks by Dre, admitting to me that he was having issues getting Ra into the studio. Why couldn’t lazy ass Rakim hold-up his end of the bargain? I’ll tell you. It’s because he barricaded himself in his own apartment smoking California crack. I guess that’s why Dr Dre dropped his a$$ too.

A reporter once told me that he held a sort of admiration and respect for Rakim saying, “I walked into Rakim’s dressing room and he was smoking weed with teenagers. That’s when I lost all my respect for the guy.” Wait…that’s not all folks! I also have other sources who have openly admitted to being totally disgusted in Rakim’s behavior. Even Iron Mike Tyson said, “I totally looked up to the guy during my state of depression, I mean if Rakim called me out to get it together I would. But, when I met him and saw what he really was all about, I was completely turned off.”

Are you laughing too? I sure was after reading those two paragraphs. So if you are interested in learning more about Rakim and Crack cocaine click here

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Anonymous said...

Jacky Jasper is not credible for two reasons: Eric B was his mentor and helped him get into the rap game in 1993---after Eric B and Rakim split and when Eric had an ax to grind with Rakim. Moreover, Jacky's I-tunes blurb on him says that he was a PIMP. So he's in no position to judge Rakim. If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones, crack, or rocks!