The female Al Sharpton?

Yo. Gloria Allred is the business. She is now allegedly trying to represent all of the hoes that slept with Tiger Woods while he was married. She is treating it like a class - action suit? Can you imagine that these "women" will try and collect off the fact that they fucked a married man? Can you imagine? Talk about setting a precedent. If a woman for one minute begins to think that she can get paid for fucking a rich married man then what the fuck are the poor, working class married man supposed to do when they want a little strange? Stroke off? What chance will a married man working 9 to 5 have if all of the hoes start chasing a class - action lawsuits with rich married men? It's unfair.
Allred reminds me of Al Sharpton and actually I think she may be underrated as far as ambulance chasers go because she is actually an attorney too. She is a one - stop shop. She can hold the press conference, shake down a potential mark and threaten to take them to court. Full Service! Al has to charge you extra if you sue because he has to hire the lawyer. Allred is so powerful she made the producers of the View apologize for Joy Behar's remark on their show after she jokingly referred to her client, Rachel Uchitel, the first Tiger hoe, as a "hooker". When someone can intimidate you enough to make you apologize for saying something that everyone is thinking then she really is a bad bitch.

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Anonymous said...

Your not rich so you don't have to worry that much. this is a lesson to all those idiots out there who think having a bunch of hoes is cute!