Mission: Destroy Tiger Woods life! Now Complete!

Wow, it's a wrap. Tiger Woods has pulled himself out of golf. Indefinitely. In a statement on his website, Tigerwoods.com Tiger Woods pretty much admitted to infidelity and as a result of it messing up his and his family's life. I don't really feel bad for him but I am just shocked that he let his desires get so out of control. Tiger is still the big man on campus. A cash - cow! The only reason some people (myself included) even think about golf. When he eventually returns the television ratings are going to be bigger than ever. Bigger than the dollar amount that he spends on condoms. He may no longer be the ideal spokesman for a product, but everyone and I mean everyone will be elbowing their way to the nearest television set to see his return to the sport that he has dominated for the last decade and some change. And if he's ever in contention for a major? Oh boy! Unless this incident has messed up his game, Tiger will be a ratings machine. And then and only then will he ever be able to put his professional life back together.

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