Someone tell me: Is Snoop Dogg the luckiest rapper ever?

I am a Snoop fan. He and Dr. Dre are the two biggest reasons why I ever smoked a blunt. That and the fact that I attended a Black college in the mid - 90's during the Chronic era and most of my friends at CAU were smokers. So I have nothing but respect for Snoop and all that he has represented in the Hip Hop game.
With that being said:
This guy hasn't released anything dope, album - wise since Doggystyle. Doggystyle was the last time that I felt a NEED to want to hear what he had to say or better yet tell someone else what he said. If Snoop was a basket baller he would be the guy that had gotten lazy AFTER he had gotten the max contract. This new song, "I wanna rock" from his new album "Malice in Wonderland" could have been dope but alas as always with Snoop it mostly relies on his syrupy, sing songy delivery and half - assed punchlines. He is suffering from 50 cent syndrome: Not able to kill a beat that back in the day he would have absolutely destroyed.
Crushed beyond all recognition.
This video doesn't do his legacy any favors either. Not even this video - some type of concept job - starring Jamie Foxx (I am kind of done with him by the way, he needs to just do the right thing and sit down, take some time away from both music and movies) could save him. With a bunch of Asians jerking or crumping in it. WTF? It's like Snoop just show up does his pimp/player persona thing and goes home afterwards. I think Snoop is the luckiest rapper alive because unlike Ice - T who has a pinky toe in the rap game and most of his eggs somewhere else, Snoop is still mostly in Hip Hop and surviving despite his diminishing skills. Like Krispin Gault said to me about five years ago, "Snoop is relying on his personality. He's not really a good rapper anymore." i tried to but I couldn't argue with that. Not then and certainly not now.

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