Guess what? Barack Obama needs to start remembering that he made his bones in Chi - town!

Whatever happened to that guy who promised me and the rest of young, idealist and hip America change? Remember that guy? Remember that guy who stared down Billary and didn't flinch when McCain and Palin were on the scene? Well. That guy has a speech tomorrow and it is his state of the union address. This is the time of year when The President tells America in front of Congress what the state of the union is. Well, quite frankly we don't need a speech for that. I can tell you the state that our union is in with one word: FUCKED! What President Obama needs to say to America and what he needs to dedicate his time to telling America how he is going to get better and how he will do a better job. Panic has already set in with the hiring of Plouffe. What he needs to say is that he is going to do what he wants. He needs to be more like that idiot sellout monkey Michael Steele in the way that Steele does and says what he wants when he wants. More bluster, more boldness and more fuck you to anyone that is opposite of what he is. For real. Be clear: I am still an Obama fan. What he did when he won the Presidency will never be forgotten in my mind -but let's face it; even a number one draft pick needs to prove his selection. Hopefully tomorrow will be the beginning of that process.

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