I told you about Bill Clinton!

Anyone that has ever seen my Public Access Television show (all two of you) know that I have been holding Bill (Tarzan) Clinton accountable for years. I have and will never get caught up with his supposed love and respect for Black people. Just because he can blow a saxophone never convinced me that he had love for the people that made a living playing it. Now comes word in the new book, "Game Changer" that Bubba told the late Ted Kennedy that if this were a couple of years in the past Barack Obama would have been serving both of them coffee and not running for President. Now those that are Dick suckers of the Clinton "mystique" will say that he meant Obama was a junior member of the political establishment and that he had no place being in the place that he was in. In front about to be President. But those that have studied Clinton and his racists ways know that Clinton is the ultimate master at saying something racist and having that statement come close to being explainable enough to not be racist. But he can't fool me because I know a racist when I hear and see one. What's funny is that now his wife, Secretary of State Clinton is the one serving Obama coffee. Maybe she is serving him more than that.

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